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28 June 2009 @ 06:55 pm
title my top 20 beatles songs.
fandom n/a.
subject the beatles.
warnings too many adorable blokes from liverpool.
notes this isn't exactly a fanmix. it's just a mix. i wasn't feeling well, so i wanted to do something that'd cheer me up. and it worked.

across the universeCollapse )

title we made it up as we went along
fandom shaun of the dead
subject shaun
warnings zombies!
notes made for corner_of_woes. just so you know, i went and bought shaun of the dead because of this mix. ;)
and it always happens like thatCollapse )

title try to imagine a careless life
fandom léon: the professional
subject general
warnings sort of an unconventional, almost squicky love story. if you've seen the movie, you know what i mean.
notes made for jessikacast. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie, so this was a really fun mix to make. :)
she's an extraordinary girlCollapse )

title unravel at the seams
fandom atonement
subject general
warnings epic sadness
notes made for hourglasslake. this one was a little difficult, so i hope it turned out alright.
the story's undoneCollapse )

title i knew it when we met last week
fandom skins
subject naomi
warnings hints of naomi/emily
notes made for accordion. i'm glad you asked for this one, because i love naomi to bits. ♥
monarch, now lay your jeweled head downCollapse )

title as we sift through the hourglass
fandom supernatural
subject platonic dean/castiel
notes made for ilovedrwilson. a lot of these songs were actually going to be on a dean fanmix i've been working on, but they work much better in this context. :)
we remember that an hour's passedCollapse )

part three coming right up. ;)
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title man, you really freak me out
fandom good omens
subject crowley & aziraphale
warnings sort of slashy, but not really
notes made for strzyga. i really enjoyed making this mix, even though it took me a HELL of a long time to decide who to use for the artwork. in the end, i decided on lee pace for crowley and paul bettany for aziraphale. :)
you're just doing your thingCollapse )

title just a little bit longer now
fandom harry potter
subject ron/hermione
warnings extremely sappy
notes made for beatenupcamaro. this is more of a unrequited, one-sided, ron-has-the-emotional-range-of-a-teaspoon-and-hermione-knows-exactly-what-she-wants sort of mix than i originally intended it to be, but i really like it, so i hope you do too! the artwork sucks, though, so i apologize for that. :\
why do you always do this to me?Collapse )

title now your eyes can only haunt
fandom harry potter
subject sirius/remus
warnings a little more shoebox-y than actual canon
notes made for phoenixangel13. this is one of my favorite pairings ever, so i hope i did it justice. ;)
i kissed a boy, and i liked itCollapse )

title darling, these days, my favorite view is you
fandom pushing daisies
subject chuck
warnings none
notes made for sidonay. this one's a bit quirky and all over the place, but i think that suits chuck nicely. ♥
get lost with me, darlingCollapse )

title hey, remember that time?
fandom pushing daisies
subject olive/emerson
warnings none
notes made for maiahaha. i'm not gonna like, this one was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to do, but i think it worked out okay?
hit me with your smile againCollapse )

stay tuned for part two! :)
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title sing the pirate's gospel
fandom pirates of the caribbean
subject jack/elizabeth
warnings sexytiems, sort of AU/post-at world's end
notes made for bitter666sweet for the mini-mix meme. like the alastair mix, this one sort of took on a life of it's own - and honestly, there are a TON more songs i could've put on here if i hadn't restrained myself, haha. anyway, i'm not entirely satisfied with the order of the songs, but i'm sick of messing around with it, so here, take it!

even if he wanted to, do you think he'd come back?Collapse )
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title a mark up and down the skin
fandom supernatural
subject alastair ♥
warnings well, alastair's not exactly the nicest person around. ;)
notes this was requested by imagines for my mini-mix meme, but it, uh, turned into a full-blown fanmix, haha. alastair's such a bamf, i really couldn't help myself. ;)

i've got the buzz like marlon brandoCollapse )
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22 May 2009 @ 10:28 pm
So, to celebrate me graduating from high school tomorrow (!!!!), I've decided to do a little mini-mix meme! I did this particular one in my private journal about a month ago and really enjoyed it, so I figured I might as well do it here as well. Changes things up a bit, you know? Anyway, here it is!

comment with the name of a character, pairing, etc in one of my fandoms. i'll post you an "instant" mini-fanmix: a cover and 3-5 songs that remind me of that character/pairing/show/etc. i'll upload the songs and everything.

001. You can choose from any fandom/movie/TV show listed in this post. If you request anything else, I probably won't be able to help you much. :\
002. Right now, I'm willing to make 15 mini-mixes - you can reserve a spot if you want, but I doubt that'll be necessary. :)
003. There is no three. ;D

Request away!

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09 May 2009 @ 12:30 am
Medium: Television.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Subject: General Characters.
Title: Right Behind You.
Warnings: Language.
Notes: First off, I'd like to thank denied for getting me into Our Lady Peace. Next, I'd like to let you all know that every song you see in this mix is done by the aforementioned band of the Gods, Our Lady Peace. I thought it would be a nice change compared to a lot of mixes, using a specific band's variety and relating it to numerous characters from something. And so, this mix was born. Enjoy!

no matter what/i'm always right there behind youCollapse )
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title my blood beats black tonight
fandom supernatural
subject evil!sam winchester
warnings evil throughout (except for the cracky part)
notes i won't lie - sam's not exactly my favorite person at the moment. but mix was begging to be made. also, it's his birthday (or it was four days ago when i made this, lol), so why not. :) dedicated to imagines, because she's an angel! ♥

you're like a walking encyclopedia of weirdnessCollapse )
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05 May 2009 @ 08:25 pm
Medium: Film.
Fandom: X-men Origins: Wolverine.
Subject: Logan/Victor. (Wolverine/Sabretooth)
Title: Take Your Skin Off.
Warnings: Sex, violence, language, & illegal man loving.
Notes: Alright. So. While Logan/Victor aren't particularly among my top favorite X-men pairings via the comic-world, I honestly think blind people could see the subtext among these two in the friggin' films. Thus, this fanmix was born. It's based around all the dysfunctional - painstakingly obvious - relationship between these two brothers. Comments are most certainly welcome, and joining is love. I already know I'm going to hell, so, please don't remind me. Enjoy!

take your skin off when you're talking to meCollapse )
title the chill bites before it comes
fandom supernatural
subject general
warnings slightly creepy
notes this mix is dedicated to the things that the boys hunt down, from the ghosts to the vampires and everything in between. i've never seen a supernatural mix like this before - or rather, one that isn't focused on sam and/or dean - so i hope this goes over well! i'm a little overly fond of this one, myself. just think of every song as a different episode of the show, and you'll get why i made this. :)

the vampires are growing tiredCollapse )
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